FASEP - The Professional System For Fiber Length Analysis

Professional fiber length measurement of straight and curved fibers with a length of up to 25,000 µm.
FASEP can separate crossed fibers into its individual fibers and measure each fiber individually.
With FASEP you get the fiber length distribution of your glass-, carbon- or natural fiber reinforced polymer sample easily, quickly and reproducibly.
Displaying the number and weight averaged frequencies in the histogram with the FASEP reporting system
FASEP works according to ISO / DIS 22314
FASEP is a complete system for short and long glass fibers.

The FASEP features

Eliminate interfering objects either using image analysis filters or form factors (pre-filters)
Classification of objects into individual fibers and fiber clusters (cross fibers)
Exclusion of Objects intersecting the edge of the image
freely selectable sample size
Maximum freedom of the processor through a wide range of intervention options in the analysis process
Measurement errors < 1%
data export to Excel
Image archiving

The FASEP reporting system

With the FASEP Excel add-in and the FASEP report templates, you can display your measured values ​​as weight or number averaged frequencies in the histogram. The most important parameters are calculated automatically. The width and the number of fiber length classes can be freely edited.